Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thing #4 of 11.5

I absolutely love YouTube and TeacherTube. I have used both on several occasions. I signed up for SchoolTube and I like the security that this site offers. The uploading process was really simple, especially for YouTube. There was an error message when I uploaded the same video in TeacherTube. Not sure why--
Advantages: Teaching and learning videos could be embedded in lessons using the Activboard to enhance learning. The same videos could be added to students' iPods to view at home. Student created videos would really energize learning and once uploaded, they could be shared with other students to learn, comment on and reflect.(I need to remember to keep updated parental consent forms on file)
Note: YouTube videos were instrumental in getting information out about the Iranian protests. I was amazed at the quantity of videos available coming out of Iran when I used GoogleEarth.


  1. did you try uploading anything to one of the sites or have plans to so in the near future?

  2. I uploaded 2 videos to YouTube- one was directly from Animoto and the other was a video my students did. The one my students did didn't upload correctly to TeacherTube. I will try again. Thanks!

  3. would you share the succesful one(s) so that we may go there and view them?