Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thing #2 of 11.5

Loads of fun here. I spent about 2 hours just playing. I like both Wordle and Wordshift. They both would be excellent tools for vocabulary and writing. I did discover that Wordsift needed to be use with Foxfire in order to view the visual thesaurus, which is an excellent tool I have used in the past. I signed up for Glogster and created a poster, but somehow lost it. Voicethread would be a great tool to discuss historical pictures(History Alive strategy). The draw back is there is a $60 fee for a classroom subscription. Bummer! I have used Animoto with my students before as an introduction to landforms. Voki is fun, but a I'm not sure what more I could do with it. The talking avatar is a little weird.
Wordle: Scientific Tools

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  1. The Vokis do take a bit of getting used to...the voice doesn't get me as much as the follows you or I should say the cursor! A tad spooky! But I think they have a place as an attention a blog, a wiki, a web page...and hey, even a special email to the everyone would pay attention to the info! :-)

    I ran into the $60 issue too but am going back...there is a free section somewhere!