Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thing #23

I did it! Last year I only got to Thing #3 and stopped mainly because I was shaky on what I was doing and uncomfortable about putting myself out there. What a lame excuse, since I always push my students to just try and see what can happen. I still think I'm more of a "lurker", but maybe less now. To answer the questions, here goes:

  • My favorite discovery or exercise was trying out the wonderful and creative tools out there. I can spend hours on the computer just trying stuff out. Of course my all time favorite is Google Tools and Mashups. Loads of things to play with.

  • This experience has broadened my arena and playground. It also tested my perseverance and determination. Even though my early computer classes used the punch cards and room sized computer--

Age should never be a factor in learning!

  • I was surprised about how much people really had to say about almost every topic in the world. While searching for twitters and ESL nings, I found many posts about the unrest in Iran due to the election, coming in live. The television was on and I was listening to the so called "breaking news", while reading about it from people in Iran and around the world. Cool!

  • I'm not sure what could be done differently, because the process was very easy and informative. I couldn't stop, once I got started.

  • I would definitely do this again and wish I had completed it last summer or in the spring, so I could participate with the second discovery program offered now.

  • INSPIRING : "Education means inspiring someone’s mind, not just filling their head. " - Katie Lusk


  1. Congratulations on finishing your journey! You were very, very quick!

  2. first off congratulations for making a second attempt and feeling comfortable enough to do so...sometimes it is just matter of the right time for "Things" to happen!

    I love the symolism of the morphing library that you created with Dumpr...isn't that a fun sight, but I particularly like the symbolism of the photo you added to your title me it says you aren't sure where it might take you but you are going anyway!

    Lastly, since you have finished 23 things and if you feel up to it, and really want to, you can move to Library2Play 2...understand that is a series of activities on a little higher, even more independent level...yes, there is community support, you are not alone.
    Think about is strictly your decision. The program WILL be offered again if you prefer to wait. Email me if you want to discuss in detail!

  3. Congratulations!! I am on thing 6, and, since reading your last comment about being on the computer reading about Iran and have breaking news on the TV at the same time, how exciting!! I look forward to finding that "thing" when I get to it.