Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thing #15

Wow! I can remember a time when I felt intimidated by the card catalog, not to say-- my school librarian. Library 2.0 will be a huge paradigm switch for an "old school" teacher/learner like me. I liked the statement, " Libraries are not merely in the communities, they are communities..." It will be exciting to see all the possibilities,tools and resources available. I think I will need work harder to stay a few steps ahead of my students, so that I can assist them in their journey into the 2.0 world and beyond. I just don't want to enter a library, though, without any books to actually hold, run my finger across the cover, peruse the wonderful pictures and smell the leather and worn pages. Just a little nostalgic!

1 comment:

  1. you will never have to enter a library with no books...books will continue to be a part of the library, but in many different forms and along with all the cool technology!

    some books will disappear...big, heavy, pictureless research books because online resources can be updated so much quicker and can be so much richer with added visuals...

    but wonderful children's books and lovely picture books and paperbacks for quick , fun reading....they will be there