Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thing #20

I use TeacherTube and YouTube along with Zamzar frequently. Below is a video from TeacherTube I used in my ESL Science class to teacher about states of matter. The video is in Spanish and illustrates Oobleck. The students loved it. After watching, we made Oobleck in the classroom and then they took some home in a plastic bag to show their parents. There were some messy accidents in their notebook, but loads of fun and they remembered. I included in a prior post a video of an interactive children's library. I really wish that YouTube could be used at school, it would save us a lot of time. The students watch the videos at home anyway. I had the students at the end of the create a video on irregular verbs using the Flip video cameras, but ran out of time to post it on TeacherTube- needed parent releases,etc. --Next year.


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