Friday, July 3, 2009

Thing #8 of 11.5

Screencasts can be very useful and easy to use. I often wondered how someone did that when I saw it being used and now I know. I tried using screencast but couldn't figure how for the site not to show while I was demonstrating a lesson, so I downloaded Goview. This was very simple and the icon stays in my tray at the bottom of the computer. I have a simple flipchart to demonstrate the use of Goview.

I know that there is video record tool on the activboard that probably does the same thing, but I haven't tried this tool out yet. I think it would be wonderful to record each of my flipcharts and then sync them to my students' iPods, so they could use them as a review or if they were absent and missed the lesson. This really is a great tool.
Whoops! After viewing this video on my Blog, the right side is clipped. I'm not sure how to change the size. Sorry!

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